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Pittsburgh Fringe Festival! Shakespeare's King John: the Brawling Bard Abridged Version

Shakespeare's King John: the Brawling Bard Abridged Version

Bantha Tea House becomes the Dolphin Inn of old London, and you are there, sitting next to Will Shakespeare as he struggles with his latest play, “King John.” Will’s fellow actors bring the work to life, with your help – calling on the audience to fill out the ranks of the armies, hold key props, or join in conspiracy.
Did you even know that Shakespeare wrote a play called “King John”? Neither did we! But this play has everything. Not one, but two major battles. (Or three, depending on how you count.) Royal intrigue. Family quarrels. A prince in peril. A murder that actually turns out not to be a murder that turns out to actually be a murder. An assassination that really is an assassination. And in the midst of all this, the character that Shakespeare calls simply The Bastard. Sound confusing? Don’t worry Brawling Bard has adapted, abridged, condensed, even re-written (just a little. Maybe a lot) to shape this into the comic masterpiece that Shakespeare always intended.
Brawling Bard Theater has performed at the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival five times, staging original shows based on Shakespeare’s works, incorporating physical comedy and exciting fight action in each. Previous shows have won the Audience Choice award, the Spirit of the Fringe award, the Best Ensemble award, and honorable mention for Best Show.

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Showtimes are:

Thursday, April 4 - 9 PM Start

Saturday, April 6 - 5:30 PM Start

Sunday, April 7 - 4 PM Start