Bantha Tea Bar was the vision of long-time friends Brett Boye & Jack Ball.

One day while in the space of what used to be a plumbers office, Jack and Brett looked at each other and thought that this would be a great place to start a Tea Bar.  In 2013, they started cleaning and gutting out the space of the drop ceiling, dry walls and old linoleum flooring. They hired Fourth River Workers Guild with the intention to make the Tea Bar with permaculture in mind. Using recycled, reclaimed and reused materials they set out to build Bantha.


After two and a half years of decisions, permits and putting a mosaic on the floor, Bantha was complete and opened to everyone on September 1, 2015.

To decide on what teas to purchase, Jack says it best: “We pick the teas that we like to drink.”

Bantha Tea Bar had the goal to give the community a more “bar-like atmosphere” than most tea cafes by thinking different. Using mugs from Ton Pottery, a reverse osmosis water system, a cobbed ceiling, solar panels and using as many local and organic teas and herbal drinks as possible.

Bantha has also expanded to other types of Tea-Like beverages serving Guayusa and more in the future. Bantha also serves sweets, sandwiches and soups from local independent vendors.

Stop by Bantha Tea Bar on Penn Avenue and enjoy a tea!