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InHabX: Wellness Opportunities within Digital Habits
2:00 PM14:00

InHabX: Wellness Opportunities within Digital Habits

Is it unhealthy to spend time on a computer or smartphone? If so, why?
Can our digital habits be a healthy practice with benefits for our musculoskeletal or emotional wellness? If so, how? Hilltop Barefoot Bodywork is proud to host this exciting movement awareness workshop!

Join Isaac Bower for a 90 minute workshop that explores the cumulative wellness opportunities within our digital habits. You will learn movement and awareness strategies to find greater ease, balance, and creativity within the digital interface. You will also discover how to avoid body language that can express unintentional messages of stress to yourself and others as you text, type, or scroll.

Isaac Bower, LMT, MFA is a massage therapist, visual artist, and educator.
Isaac’s bodywork career spans thirty years; he has helped thousands of individuals in their recovery from pain and functional issues. His artwork and interactive programs often focus on the embodied experience within the digital era. You can learn more about Isaac’s work by visiting his website at, or his Instagram account

Tickets are $10 per person with an attendance cap of 35 people. Tickets can be purchased online or in person at the event.

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